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R-COVERY XC • Heat recovery units, ceiling mounted

Heat Recovery (MVHR) R-Covery is equipped with high efficiency cross - counter flow heat exchanger and EC motors.




  • AHU range is used for ventilation of houses, offices or other heated premises: classrooms,
    apartments, conference rooms and other.
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  • Extremely low height
  • Energy saving and low noise EC fans compliant with ErP directive 2009/125/EC
  • Efficiency of heat exchanger up to 94%
  • Optional electrical heater, water heater (Without heating as standard)
  • Motorized by-pass damper
  • Efficient and low pressure loss panel filters F7/F5
  • Designed for installation under the ceiling
  • Full integrated Plug&Play control system
  • Construction
    • Frameless construction from double skinned panels
    • Acoustic and thermal insulation of the walls - 20mm (Rockwool 100 kg/m3)
    • Galvanised construction, powder coated colour painting RAL 9002
    • Access to internal components by hinged door with locks
    • Quick and easy access to control board and Plug&Play by opening separate compartment on the side of the unit
    • Fitted with mounting brackets


Text for tender

A R-COVERY XC ceiling-mounted dual-flow unit with a counter-flow heat exchanger from CAIROX will renew the room air.
The R-COVERY XC will be a plug & play packaged unit conforming to ErP 2018.

The dual flow unit will be with reduced height (332 mm for 500 m3/h).

It will have a self-supporting double-walled construction with 25 mm of rockwool insulation (density 100 kg/m3).

It will be available from 100 to 3500 m3/h with circular spigots.

It will be equipped with plug fans with ECM energy efficient motors with high performance and low consumption, enabling speed variation from 0 to 100%.

The high-performance counter-flow heat exchanger will be Eurovent certified and will have a 0/100% bypass which will enable free cooling based on the outdoor conditions to optimise consumption.

The filters will have an ISO ePM1 60% F7 efficiency rating (F9 as an option) for the fresh air to guarantee high air quality and an ISO ePM10 70 % (M5) efficiency for the extracted air to protect the exchanger from fouling.

The R-COVERY XC will offer a various choice of integrated coils: electric, hot water to optimise occupant comfort. The proximity switch will be mounted on the unit.

The sensors (fresh air, return air, room air and discharge air) will be factory cabled to the unit.

Optional start-up.

The unit is plug & play with the integrated R-COVERY CONTROL system, which comes fully cabled, and is supplied with a remote control with a 10 m cable.

Option for an additional end user remote control.

The unit will communicate via various protocols: Modbus RTU and TCP/IP. Optional communication gateways are available: Bacnet IP, KnX, LON (not provided by CAIROX).

Selection curves

Selection curves

Selection curves

Selection curves

Selection curves


Product rangeName of the productA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)f D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)L (mm)M (mm)N (mm)P (mm)
R-COVERY XC50014607603322503402108241575130585468290
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