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Daikin RZA-D • Large Sky-Air Advance Series

F-Gas Certified

To be able to purchase this product we must hold a copy of your company F-Gas Certification on your account.

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  • Daikin


  • Large Sky-Air Advance Series - Outdoor Unit


  • Compact (870mm high) and lightweight single fan design makes the unit unobtrusive, saves space and is easy to install
  • Market-leading serviceability and handling, thanks to wide access area, 7-segment display and additional handle
  • Choosing for an R-32 product, reduces the environmental impact with 68% compared to R-410A, leads directly to lower energy consumption thanks to its high energy efficiency and has a lower refrigerant charge
  • Replace existing systems with R-32 technology without needing to replace the piping
  • Guarantees operation in heating mode down to -20°C
  • Refrigerant cooled PCB guarantees reliable cooling, as it is not influenced by ambient temperature.
  • Maximum piping length up to 100m
  • Maximum installation height difference up to 30m
  • Outdoor units for pair, twin, triple, double twin application


  • Air-2-Air, Heatpump, Inverter Driven


  • R32

Applicable indoor units

  • Type FAA 71/100 A
  • Type FDXM 35/50/60 F9
  • Type FFA 35/50/60 A9
  • Type FNA 35/50/60 A9
  • Type FHA 35/50/60/71/100/125/140 A/A9
  • Type FVA 71/100/125/140 A
  • Type FUA 71/100/125 A
  • Type FDA 125 A
  • Type FCAG 35/50/60/71/100/125/140 A9
  • Type FCAHG 71/100/125/140 H
  • Type FBA 35/50/60/71/100/125/140 A/A9


  • Inverter

    Inverter compressors continuously adjust compressor speed to actual demand. Fewer power-consuming starts and stops result in decreased energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures.

  • Auto cooling-heating changeover

    Automatically selects heating or cooling mode to achieve the set temperature.

  • Infrastructure cooling

    Remove in a reliable, efficient and flexible way the heat constantly generated by the IT and server equipment to ensure maximum uptime while offering the best return on investment.

  • Maximum pipe run = 100m on sizes 200/250 D
  • Maximum vertical rise = 30m on sizes 200/250 D
  • Swing compressor
  • DC fan motor
  • Protected valves
  • 3-Bladed rotary fan
  • Input power on models RZA-D: 380-415/3/5OHz
  • 20 Amp 300mA Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (inverter & DC component compatible) on sizes RZA200D/RZA250D
  • Operating Range (Cooling) Min -20 / Max 46 °CDB
  • Operating Range (Heating) Min -20 / Max 15 °CWB


CasingColour   Ivory whiteIvory white
 Material   Painted galvanized steel platePainted galvanized steel plate
DimensionsUnit Heightmm870870
 Packed unit Heightmm1,0501,050
WeightUnit  kg117117
 Packed unit  kg127127
PackingWeight  kg1010
Heat exchangerFin Type WF finWF fin
   Treatment Anti-corrosion treatment (PE)Anti-corrosion treatment (PE)
FanType   PropellerPropeller
 Discharge direction   HorizontalHorizontal
 Quantity   11
 Air flow rateCoolingNom.m³/min101119
   Partialm³/min52 (1)52 (1)
Fan motorQuantity   11
 Model   Brushless DC motorBrushless DC motor
 Output  W600600
 Drive   Direct driveDirect drive
CompressorQuantity   11
 Type   Hermetically sealed scroll compressorHermetically sealed scroll compressor
Operation rangeCoolingAmbientMin.°CDB-20-20
Sound power levelCooling  dBA7376
 Heating  dBA76 (1)79 (1)
Sound pressure levelCooling Nom.dBA5357
 Heating Nom.dBA6063
RefrigerantType   R-32R-32
 Charge  kg55
 Charge  TCO2Eq3.383.38
 Control   Expansion valve (electronic type)Expansion valve (electronic type)
 GWP   675675
 Circuits Quantity 11
Refrigerant oilType   FW68DEFW68DE
 Charged volume  l33
Piping connectionsLiquid Quantity 11
   Type Braze connectionBraze connection
 Gas Quantity 11
   Type Braze connectionBraze connection
 Drain Quantity 88
   Type HoleHole
 Piping lengthOU - IUMin.m55
 Additional refrigerant charge  kg/mSee installation manualSee installation manual
 Heat insulation   Both liquid and gas pipesBoth liquid and gas pipes
Defrost method    Reversed cycleReversed cycle
Defrost control    Sensor for outdoor heat exchanger temperatureSensor for outdoor heat exchanger temperature
Capacity controlMethod   Inverter controlledInverter controlled
PEDCategory   Category IICategory II
 Most critical part Name AccumulatorAccumulator
Safety devicesItem 01 High pressure switchHigh pressure switch
   02 Low pressure switchLow pressure switch
   03 Fan motor driver overload protectorFan motor driver overload protector
   04 Overcurrent relayOvercurrent relay
   05 Inverter overload protectorInverter overload protector
   06 PC board fusePC board fuse
Power supplyName   Y1Y1
 Phase   3~3~
 Frequency  Hz5050
 Voltage  V380-415380-415
 Voltage range Min.V342342
CurrentZmax List No requirementsNo requirements
 Minimum Ssc value  kVa2,1692,169
Current - 50HzMaximum fuse amps (MFA)  A2020


Combination tables

UnitsDuctHigh CassetteThin cassette2x2 cassette
RZA200D7Y1BP      4332    43
RZA250D7Y1B P      4  2    4
Combination table                 
Possible combinations                  
P= Pair                 
2= Twin                 
3= Triple                 
4= Double twin                 

Combination tables

UnitsDuct (medium ESP)Ceiling-suspendedCeiling- mounted - 4- way blowWall mounte d typeDuct (high ESP)
RZA200D7Y1B 4332   4332  32 32 
RZA250D7Y1B  4  2   4  2   2  2
Combination table                    
Possible combinations                     
P= Pair                    
2= Twin                    
3= Triple                    
4= Double twin                    

Combination tables

UnitsFloor standing typeSlim ductConcealed floor standing type
RZA200D7Y1B32    43  43
RZA250D7Y1B  2    4   4
Combination table            
Possible combinations             
P= Pair            
2= Twin            
3= Triple            
4= Double twin            


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