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VAM-FC • Daikin VAM-FC


  • Daikin


  • Total Heat Exchanger - VAM-FC


  • Ventilation


  • Energy saving ventilation using indoor heating, cooling and moisture recovery
  • Ideal solution for shops, restaurants or offices requiring maximum floor space for furniture, decorations and fittings
  • Free cooling possible when outdoor temperature is below indoor temperature (eg. during nighttime)
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to specially developed DC fan motor
  • Prevent energy losses from over-ventilation while improving indoor air quality with optional CO2 sensor
  • Can be used as stand alone or integrated in the Sky Air or VRV system
  • Wide range of units: air flow rate from 150 up to 2,000 m³/h
  • Optional medium and fine dust filters ePM10 70% (M6), ePM1 55% (F7), ePM1 70% (F8) to meet customer request or legislation
  • Shorter installation time thanks to easy adjustment of nominal air flow rate, so less need for dampers compared with traditional installation.
  • Specially developed heat exchange element with High Efficiency Paper (HEP)
  • No drain piping needed
  • Can operate in over- and under pressure
  • Total fresh air solution with optional electrical heater

Applicable controller

Indoor unit has Daikin P1/P2 & F1/F2 connectivity.

BRC1D52 - Hard wired controller (old style)
BRC1E53A - Hard wired controller
BRC1H519W7 - Madoka controller in White
BRC1H519S7 - Madoka controller in Silver
BRC1H519K7 - Madoka controller in Black


KRP2A52 - System adaptor PCB for remote on/off, status indication and temperature setting
RTD-Net - Modbus Interface PCB for Sky Air and VRV
RTD-20 - Energy control PCB for Sky Air and VRV
BRP4A50 - PCB Adaptor for VAM-FC series connection to 3rd party heater
KRP50-2 - PCB Adaptor for VAM-FC series connection to humidifier


Power input - 50HzHeat exchange modeNom.Ultra highkW0.1320.161
 Bypass modeNom.Ultra highkW0.1320.161
CasingMaterial   Galvanised steel plateGalvanised steel plate
Insulation material    Self-extinguishable urethane foamSelf-extinguishable urethane foam
DimensionsUnit HeightMm285285
WeightUnit  kg23.023.0
FanType   Sirocco fanSirocco fan
 Air flow rate - 50HzHeat exchange modeUltra highm³/h150250
  Bypass modeUltra highm³/h150250
 External static pressure - 50Hz Ultra highPa90.070.0
Fan motorQuantity   22
 Output 50 HzW3030
Temperature exchange efficiency - 50HzUltra high  %77.0 , 72.0 74.9 , 69.5
 High  %78.3 , 72.376.0 , 70.0
 Low  %82.8 , 73.280.1 , 72.0
Enthalpy exchange efficiency - 50HzCooling Ultra high%60.360.3
 Heating Ultra high%66.666.6
   High%67.967.4 (2)
Operation rangeMin.  °CDB-15-15
 Max.  °CDB5050
 Relative humidity  %80 or less80 or less
Sound pressure level - 50HzHeat exchange mode Ultra highdBA27.028.0
 Bypass mode Ultra highdBA27.028.0
Heat exchange system    Air to air cross flow total heat (sensible + latent heat) exchangeAir to air cross flow total heat (sensible + latent heat) exchange
Heat exchange element    Specially processed non-flammable paperSpecially processed non-flammable paper
Air filterType   Multidirectional fibrous fleecesMultidirectional fibrous fleeces
Connection duct diameterMm   100150
Operation mode    Heat exchange mode, bypass mode, fresh-up modeHeat exchange mode, bypass mode, fresh-up mode
GeneralSupplier/Manufacturer details Name or trademark Daikin Europe N.V.Daikin Europe N.V.
 Product description Model identifier VAM150FCVEVAM250FCVE
Specific energy consumption (SEC)Cold climate  kWh/(m².a)-65.4 -65.1
 Average climate  kWh/(m².a)-27.1 -29.2
 Warm climate  kWh/(m².a)-2.51 -6.10
SEC class    BB
Type of product    Bidirectional RVUBidirectional RVU
Type of drive    Multi-speed driveMulti-speed drive
Heat recovery system    recuperativerecuperative
Thermal efficiency%   89.1 (3)80.4 (3)
Maximum flow rate at 100 Pa ESPFlow rate  m³/h130207
 Electric power input  W129160
Sound power level (Lwa)dB   4043
Reference flow ratem³/s   0.0250.035
Reference pressure differencePa   50.050.0
Specific power inputW/(m³/h)   0.6160.454
Ventilation controlType   Clock controlClock control
 Factor   0.950.95
Maximum external leakage%   7.424.66
Maximum internal leakage%   4.504.50
Annual electricity consumptionkWh/a   18.613.8
Annual heating savedCold climate  kWh/a45.743.1
 Average climate  kWh/a89.484.3
 Warm climate  kWh/a20.719.5
Power supplyName   VEVE
 Phase   1~1~
 Frequency  Hz50/6050/60
 Voltage  V220-240/220220-240/220
Voltage rangeMin.  %-10-10
 Max.  %1010
CurrentMinimum circuit amps (MCA)  A0.9000.900
 Maximum fuse amps (MFA)  A15.015.0
 Fan motor rated output  kW0.03x20.03x2
 Full load amps (FLA) Fan motorA0.4000.400
   Fan motor 2A0.4000.400



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