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RTD-10 • Accessory Enhanced function PCB for Sky Air and VRV. Duty rotation, Lead Lag control


  • Daikin


RTD-10 Enhanced function PCB for Sky Air and VRV. Duty rotation, Lead Lag control and heating interlock


  • Advanced integration into BMS system of Sky Air, VRV, VAM and VKM through Modbus, Voltage (0-10V) or Resistance
  • Suitable for IT server rooms and telecom applications with rotation, back up and alarm function
  • Avoid energy use by operation of air conditioning and central heating system at the same time through interlock

Applicable indoor units

Connections Required on Indoor PCB

Sky-Air: P1/P2, X35A

VRV: P1/P2, X18A/X35A


Operation range°C0~50
Power supply15V-24V DC
Voltage /resistance input6
Voltage input0~10VDC < 1mA
Resistance input5V, 1mA
Dry contact input ports2
Modbus connectionRS485
P1/P2 connectionYes
Relay1A, 24VAC max
1A, 30VDC max


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