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D03 • Sealants

Product selection assistant
Cold shrinking tapes
  • Tapes
  • Cold shrinking tapes
  • Polyethylene film
Aluminium Foil Tape
Aluminium Foil Tape
  • Aluminium Foil Tape
  • Cold Weather
  • Nominal 30 micron (1.2 mil)
Textile tapes
  • Tapes
  • Polyethylene coated tape
  • Grey
SDD 400
Waterbased duct sealant
  • Mastic
  • Duct sealants
  • Solvent free HVAC ducting sealant
WDS 400
Acryl based duct sealant
  • Mastic
  • Duct sealants
  • Acrilic-based
NEU 310 ML
  • Silicone
  • Universal sealants
  • Neutral
GUN 18
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