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AWFDI • Insulated flexible duct

AWDFI is a fully thermally insulated duct consisting of an inner duct of the AWFDAL type and a metalized polyester outer jacket. The fibreglass insulation has been developed especially for flexible ducting.


  • The AWFDAI flexible duct are used in ventilation, air conditioning, and air handling systems where high mechanical strength, temperature resistance, and high thermal insulating qualities are required


  • Inner duct of the AWFDAL type, consisting of 1 layer aluminium and 2 layers of polyester.
  • Metalized polyester outer jacket, consisting of 3 layer laminate of 2 layers polyester
  • Fibreglass insulation: Density: 16 kg/m³, Thickness: 25 mm, Thermal resistance: 0,65 K.m²/W
  • Diameter range: 82 mm - 610 mm
  • Wire spacing: a steel spiral spring of different thicknesses and a pitch of 25mm (Ø82m), 36mm (Ø102-560mm)
  • Colour: Aluminium


  • Temperature range: - 30°C + 120°C
  • Air velocity (max): 30 m/s
  • Operating pressure (max): 2500 Pa
  • Diameter range: 82 mm - 610 mm
  • Fire resistance: B - s1, d0 according to EN13501-1
  • In the event of a fire no toxic gases are emitted


  • Standard length of 10 m is compressed in an individual, reinforced cardboard box

Chemical resistence

  • Good resistance to many solvents
  • Moderate resistance to acid and base


  • Aluminium Tape ALUMINIUM FOIL TAPE
  • Clamps MCA
  • Steel Banding CRA
  • Steel Banding Locks SCA

Other available products

AWFDAL Insulated flexible, AWFDC Combi flexible, AWFDA Acoustic flexible

Order Example

  • AWFDI254

Explanation :

AWFDI = Type of flexible duct

254 = Diameter of flexible duct

Pressure loss graph

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