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B01 • Multi-Leaf Dampers

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VC Series
VC Series
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal ducted systems
  • Roll formed steel blades with three material options
  • Galvanised mild steel casing as standard
  • DW144 compliant
NCA S900
NCA S900
  • General purpose volume control and shut-off dampers
  • Square, circular and flat oval connections for all types of ductwork
  • Galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium construction
HD Series
HD Series
  • The damper is particularly suitable for use on air handling units.
  • Galvanized mild steel
SS series
SlimSeal regulating damper
  • Standard blade construction 50mm wide extruded aluminium with TPE material blade edge
  • Standard case construction is galvanised mild steel
Heavy duty volume control damper
  • S800B heavy duty volume control dampers are cost effective and robust units
  • Galvanised steel frame and blades
High performance plastic
  • High performance volume control damper
  • uPVC, stainless steel and aluminium
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