ST • Spiral Duct

Circular spiral duct with standard length of 3M, spiral wound tube rolled from prime steel (certified) hot dipped galvanised, with flat folded joint to obtain rigidity and airtightness.

Structural strength & performance to DW144 classes A, B, C and BS EN 12237 A, B, C.

The airtightness class can also determined by the installation.


  • Used for air supply and exhaust in ventilation and air conditioning systems


  • Hot dip galvanized steel


  • Negative pressure -750 Pas to BS12237
  • Positive pressure 2000 Pas to DW146
  • Max temp. of 70°C
  • Hot dipped Galvanized to BS EN 10346 G140/275
  • Zinc Layer with average thickness of 20µ
  • Caution! Due to the fact that spiral ducts are manufactured in different batches, colour difference can occur

Order example

  • ST, 250


  • ST = Duct type L= 3m
  • 250 = Diameter of the duct

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